Monday, 16 April 2018

My Favorites from ACM Awards | 2018

The Academy of Country Music Awards, also known as the ACM Awards, were first held in 1966, honoring the industry's accomplishments during the previous year. It was the first country music awards program held by a major organization.

Cassadee Pope

Saturday, 14 April 2018

My Favorites from GLAAD Awards | 2018

The GLAAD Media Award is an accolade bestowed by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) to recognize and honor various branches of the media for their outstanding representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community and the issues that affect their lives. In addition to film and television, the Awards also recognize achievements in other branches of the media and arts, including theatre, music, journalism and advertising.

Alexandra Shipp 

My Favorite Looks of The Week | March 17th - March 23rd

Between red carpets and IRL sightings, here are my favorite looks of the week.

Victoria Justice

Friday, 13 April 2018

My Favorites from Echo Awards | 2018

Echo is an accolade by the Deutsche Phono-Akademie an association of recording companies of Germany to recognize outstanding achievement in the music industry. The first ECHO Awards ceremony was held in 1992, and it was set up to honor musical accomplishments by performers for the year 1991, succeeding the Deutscher Schallplattenpreis which were awarded since 1963.

Rita Ora 

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Earth to Centauri: The First Journey by Kumar L | Review


A 140-year-old secret throws three planets into chaos!

Tech for the geek. Thrills for the action seeker. Mysteries for the detective. Science for the uninitiated.

The year is 2095. Voyager 1 launched in 1977 with a golden record - someone has found it and is sending a signal back to Earth. With a newly constructed faster-than-light spaceship named Antariksh, and a crew which includes novices like Lt. Manisha, as well as seasoned professionals, including Commander Ryan, Captain Anara reaches the source of the signal at the nearest star to Earth - Proxima Centauri.

Before she can meet with the aliens, Anara must clear obstacles on her own ship, including a recalcitrant Artificial Intelligence and inexplicable radiation, which threatens the safety of the mission. The implications of what they find on planet Proxima B will resonate far beyond this first journey, exposing Earth to dangers on an unimaginable scale. And then Captain Anara finds out its creators buried a secret aboard Voyager 1.

My Favorites from Infinity Awards | 2018

The Infinity Awards were inaugurated in 1985 by the International Center of Photography to "draw the public's attention to the spectacular achievements achieved in photography, paying tribute to individuals with different careers and identifying future luminaries in the field".

Anna Wintour

My Favorites from Olivier Awards | 2018

The Laurence Olivier Awards, or simply the Olivier Awards, are presented annually by the Society of London Theatre to recognise excellence in professional theatre in Londonat an annual ceremony in the capital. The awards were originally known as the Society of West End Theatre Awards, but they were renamed in honour of the British actor Laurence Olivier in 1984.

Sheila Atim

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

 Gemstone Wedding Rings

Rings will always be a popular a part of a Jewellery collection, with most couples marriage within the summer time several weeks, probably the most important area of the ceremony may be the exchanging from the rings. Typically the most popular and traditional of rings usually features a Gemstone. Whether cluster of diamonds a treadmill prominent large gemstone that is placed in the center of the ring. However these days we've a lot more selection of rings, because of weddings, engagements or simply every single day put on. A diamond ring can trigger a dress-up costume nicely. With matching handbags and clothing, a diamond ring will definitely bring the flicker for your outfit and become the center bit of all of your look. Despite the fact that gemstone rings can be very costly, there are lots of other gemstones that may be just like pretty, or even more so. Especially moissanite engagement rings. These needn't be traditional. Actually you can buy an array of many sizes and shapes.

Let us begin with beautiful red. There's nothing that can compare with an attractive red stone that sparkles within the sunlight. From silver to lovely gold, cut with diamonds or semi precious gemstones, every one seem to be brilliantly cut, and wonderful to check out. From birthstones to vintage cut, there are plenty of to select from.moisssanite wedding sets do not always mean an an engagement or wedding, they may be given for birthdays or simply to express gratitude. through the years I've been bought many rings. I appear to possess trinket boxes filled with them! I favor silver to gold. I believe it is because my complexion is very fair. For those who have an attractive tan or more dark skin, i then believe that gold sets them back very well. If you're not sure what fits into your budget, then lay a little bit of silver or gold across your wrists and you'll see which fits into your budget. if you're purchasing a gold or silver ring for any friend or family member, take a look at what type of jewellery they put on first. Check out any necklaces or bracelets they might put on. Could it be silver or gold? Obviously you can combine the various colours and metals, however it does look a lot better by trying to complement them up.

Teenagers, as you may know, always prefer to put on different things. So if you're thinking about buying her or him a moonstone engagement ring for his or her birthday, try the chunky ring range? From awesome silver to multi coloured fashion, they have a great stretch back so it's not necessary to be worried about obtaining the right size! Obviously it's better should you choose check any ring size before you purchase, however if you simply get among the stretch ones there should not be considered a problem if you're a size out. Personally, i love the Brass burnished gem and jewel heart ring, it's lovely and chunky, having a a fit condition. I like that one because it is so different. But there are various sizes and shapes to select from. So why wouldn't you purchase something different on their behalf? I am certain they'll love these!
Great Benefits of Human Hair Extensions

If you've been considering adding volume and length for your locks using extensions, then many experts recommend that you will get real hair extensions instead of synthetic ones. Synthetic extensions work for many situations, like once use. They're about one-fifth the price of real extensions, so if you don't intend for their services for lengthy time it would be preferable to make use of the less costly option. However, if you plan to put on the extensions to have an longer timeframe then many reasons exist why human extensions would be the better option.
The most crucial benefit of human hair extensions is they behave like normal hair. That you can do almost anything to them you'd do in order to your natural tresses, like color it, make use of a hair dryer or styling curler, or style it by any means. Synthetic extensions do not let its this stuff.

Another advantage is how a real hair extensions look. Since they're made from real human protein filaments, they're almost indistinguishable out of your natural hair. The synthetic extensions are constructed with plastic and many people can tell there's something foreign alongside your natural strands.

Additionally to presenting human-created extensions, if you would like your extensions to appear natural it's also important to concentrate on the kind of hair they are constructed with and exactly how they're attached. Real hair extensions are usually made from European, Chinese or Indian hair. One of the ways for that extensions to appear their finest is perfect for the types of materials once had not had any chemical treatments. It's difficult to find European locks that meet this qualifying criterion. Chinese locks are simple to find, however it doesn't blend well with this associated with a other ethnic descent. The best option is Indian, but you have to make certain it's temple Indian hair and never brushed Indian hair. The brushed choice is your hair collected following a lady brushes every day while temple locks are cut in the mind. The primary difference is the fact that with temple hair all the cuticles are facing exactly the same direction. Brushed sourced extensions are confused and also the cuticles facing in opposite directions may cause tangling.

There are lots of methods to attached extensions including knotting, welding, gluing, waxing or modulating. Probably the most natural look is achieved with modulation. Additionally to searching natural, this process allows the recipient to clean and elegance normally without anxiety about the extensions being torn loose like they'd when they were glued in. Regardless of what method you select for applying hair extensions, it's most essential that you use human extensions instead of synthetic ones.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Smitten by Traditional Roots by Lakshmi Bharadwaj | Book Review


It is said that when a woman becomes a mother, she gathers all her energy to save her neonate. Read about a wonderful mother, who is inspirational to many of us just through ancestral folk remedies. I challenge not many of us have that kind of spirit. She also brought back into limelight the list of practices, lost with time.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

My Favorites from Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards | 2018 

The Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards (also known as the KCAs or Kids' Choice) is an American children's awards ceremony show that is produced by Nickelodeon. Usually held on a Saturday night in late March or early April, the show honors the year's biggest television, movie, and music acts as voted by viewers worldwide of Nickelodeon networks. Winners receive a hollow orange blimp figurine, a logo outline for much of the network's 1984–2009 era, which also functions as a kaleidoscope.


Saturday, 17 March 2018

Outfit Ideas with Leather Jacket

You don’t have to ride a motorcycle, or have a certain type of attitude, or dress a certain type of way. Leather jackets look good with anything and everything, whether you’re toughening up a floral dress or going for a chic, all-black ensemble.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Fear Is the Key by Juggi Bhasin | Book Review 


'A bitter winter wind blowing outside spoke to me. There was no one else. And then it struck me. She might have truly disappeared! Sometimes, you get a sense of these things . . .'

It's been one hell of a tough week at Yummimages, a digital infotainment site, with controversies seeping into the politicking within the office. To calm things down, Rahul, the founder, plans a party at his home. His goal is to set things right between his fiancée-to-be, Simone, and his business partner and close friend, Suhel. With the party in full swing it's time for Rahul to have 'the talk', but suddenly Simone is nowhere to be found.

As all investigations come to naught, Rahul takes matters into his own hands and soon has a few suspects lined up. It's just a matter of time before he knows the truth. But reality can be so twisted, so bizarre, so utterly unbelievable . . .

This book, by the creator of Agent Rana, will continue to give you chills long after you have read it.

19 Till I Die by Anjali Kirpalani | Book Review


For Zaid from Durban, it was heartbreak. For Fiona, who loves New Delhi, it had always been a dream. Rachna needs this chance to step out of Australia and her comfort zone. Tia from Mumbai sees it as a ticket away from her over-protective parents. The four find themselves at the University of Guelph in Canada. Adventure awaits, and a chance at love lingers amidst the crowds - in the halls, at the bars, on the dancefloor. Some of them will find it. But, as with such powerful life-altering things as love, it's not going to be easy. It's too late to turn back to the drab, safe and predictable lives they left behind. Might as well buckle up and hold on tight as they brace themselves for the ride of their lives.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

The Big Switch by John Thomas | Book Review


What does a 24-year-old man want in life?
A decent job?
Keith has both. He is a software engineer at a reputable company and has a girlfriend whom he loves a lot.
Yet, there is something missing in his life. He is not even close to being happy.
Only after losing his girlfriend, he realizes what the reason for his unhappiness is.
He realizes that he is caught up in the wrong career.
With time running out, he knows that he must switch to a new career — one that makes him happy.
But, is 24 too late to do that? Is he making a mistake?
Find out as Keith follows his heart in pursuit of an impossible-looking dream.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Evening Dresses Wishlist ft Milly Bridal

Wedding Dresses 2018 Millybridal

There's nothing like catching up with old friends and making new ones at a chic cocktail party. Make a stunning entry into the next party wearing these stunning evening dresses. These dresses are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Whether it's a night out or special occasion, browse the Milly Bridal's evening dresses today.

Whether you're looking for a gorgeous maxi dress, sophisticated long dress, a classic black dress or something in red they have your style sorted for every special event.

Monday, 5 March 2018

My Favorites from Vanity Fair Oscar Party | 2017

Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on March 4, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California.

Gal Gadot

My Favorites from Oscars | 2018

The Academy Awards, or "Oscars", is a group of twenty-four artistic and technical honors given annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) to recognize excellence in cinematic achievements in the United States film industry as assessed by the Academy's voting membership.

Jennifer Lawrence

My Favorites from César Film Awards | 2018

The César Award is the national film award of France. It is delivered in the Nuit des Césarceremony and was first awarded in 1976. The nominations are selected by the members of twelve categories of filmmaking professionals and supported by the French Ministry of Culture.

Penelope Cruz 

My Favorite Looks of The February 24th - March 2nd

Between red carpets and IRL sightings, here are my favorite looks of the week.

Xenia Tchoumitcheva

Friday, 2 March 2018

My Favorite Looks of The February 17th - February 23rd

Between red carpets and IRL sightings, here are my favorite looks of the week. 

Camila Cabello

My Favorite Looks of The February 10th - February 16th

Between red carpets and IRL sightings, here are my favorite looks of the week.


My Favorite Looks of The February 3rd - February 9th

Between red carpets and IRL sightings, here are my favorite looks of the week.

Janhvi Kapoor and Sridevi 

My Favorite Looks of The January 27th - February 2nd

Between red carpets and IRL sightings, here are my favorite looks of the week. 

Rachel Platten

My Favorite Looks of The January 20th - January 26th

Between red carpets and IRL sightings, here are my favorite looks of the week.

Aditi Rao Hydari

My Favorites from Global Awards | 2018

The Global Awards are held by Global and reward music played on British radio stations including Capital, Capital XTRA, Heart, Classic FM, Smooth, Radio X, LBC and Gold, with the awards categories reflecting the songs, artists, programmes and news aired on each station.

Little Mix

Thursday, 1 March 2018

8 Hours by Upendra Namburi | Book Review


Aratrika Reddy, the charismatic CEO of ARYA Holdings Ltd., has just 8 Hours to save her company from certain bankruptcy.

The multi-billion dollar hotels to steel conglomerate, founded by her mercurial father, liquor baron Madhusudhan Reddy, has many suitors, all of them plotting a hostile takeover. Aratrika’s estranged husband, Siddhartha is one of them. His inside knowledge is the real ace up his sleeve. The Rathores, the Reddys’ arch-rivals are looking to buy ARYA too and thereby settle old scores.

Aratrika has to weave her way through a litany of lawyers, politicians, bankers, bureaucrats, investors, power brokers and her dreaded family. Behind the scenes, Jagannath Rao, her wily uncle, is playing a dangerous double game of manipulation. Her father Madhusudan is furiously pulling the strings from behind the scenes. To add to the confusion, overseeing the whole sale process is her old flame, Peter.

Over the course of a single night, 8 Hours to be precise, Aratrika must fight the demons at the gates of her company and those within. It’s a fight to the bitter end.

A fight that Aratrika does not want to lose…

Saturday, 24 February 2018

My Favorites from Brit Awards | 2018

The Brit Awards are the British Phonographic Industry's annual pop music awards. The name was originally a shortened form of "British", "Britain" or "Britannia", but subsequently became a backronym for British Record Industry Trusts Show.

Cheryl Cole & Liam Payne

Monday, 19 February 2018

My Favorites from BAFTAs | 2018

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) is an independent charity that supports, develops and promotes the art forms of the moving image – film, television and game in the United Kingdom.

Angelina Jolie

My Favorites from Nykaa Femina Beauty Awards | 2018

Femina, India’s largest women’s magazine and Nykaa, one of the best online destinations for beauty and wellness products, have come together for a beauty award for the readers, by the readers. The Nykaa Femina Beauty Awards brings a unique opportunity where you get the chance to share your beauty secrets with the world and vote for beauty products that have worked wonders for you. 

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Imperfect Misfits by Devanshi Sharma | Book Review


Tiasha: I am very annoyed.
Aakaash: That’s your job, Tiasha. Good that you are doing it well.
Tiasha: And I am very serious.
Aakaash: When are you not!
Tiasha: Argh! I hate you, Aakaash.
Aakaash: Thank God for small mercies!
Just like a scoop of vanilla ice cream makes the sizzling chocolate brownie delicious, these best friends complimented each other. A chef by passion, Tiasha jumps and waves through her professional choices, while Aakaash, the witty stand-up comedian, knows exactly what he wants.
He was the tranquility which refugees crave to stay in and she was the refugee, who wanted to wander and explore. Imperfect Misfits is a story of perfect misfits, food, frolic, emotions and their endless imperfections.
The question is, will their friendship survive through this wavy journey of love?

Buffering Love by Issac John | Book Review


Whether it's the tinsel town diva who accidentally tweets an intimate personal account, or the aspiring writer who opens a dating app in an office reception just before her interview, the characters from the world of Buffering Love cling on to their mobile phones, sometimes to crush reality and sometimes to embellish it.
Set in urban India, and replete with surprising turns, Buffering Love will delight and devastate its readers in equal measure with its 15 short stories about love and life through myriad mobile apps.

Betrayals And Paybacks by Sana Shetty | Book Review


How far would you go to protect your loved one? Would you even condone murder?

Eight years ago Vedant Birajdar fled Tamara, a small nondescript village on the banks of the river Kaveri, after a wild night out with his best friend Jay Varma, turned disastrous.

Now he is back and Jay is dead, Misha, the love of his life is engaged to another man and his older brother, Tarun, is missing. All he is left with is a strange message Jay leaves on his answering machine, before his death.

Misha does not believe her brother, Jay, committed suicide. Yet, she has no reason to believe otherwise. Not until Vedant turns up at her doorstep, bleeding and seeking her help.

Together they have to figure out what really happened and they have to do it quick, before the body count goes up.

But can Misha trust Vedant? He had already betrayed her once before, after all.


Sana Shetty


Write India Publishers

Release date:

October 16th 2017

No. of Pages:

Paperback, 210 Pages

This book inevitably stopped me from doing what I had planned for the day. I had difficulty putting it down. The storyline is gripping, twists and turns that bump right back into themselves. The prologue seemed promising, full of intrigue and tension, and the anticipation of getting a good read hooked me. Concerning the plot, I thought it was solid. The story is filled with several potential suspects, and I was not completely sure who the murder was until well into the story. In my opinion it is very well written and believable.

 I enjoy the supporting characters and how they interact with each other and the main character. The author knows how to show us, rather than tell us, and he does it with such interesting characters and events. This book should come with a warning label: "Do not start reading until you're able to finish it, because it is impossible to put down." It's an easy read and keeps you interested enough to want to knock off the entire book in one sitting.

The Lucknow Cookbook by Chand Sur and Sunita Kohli | Book Review


Lucknow’s famous Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb—a melding together of influences—is seen in its art, architecture, dance and music. But nowhere is this Tehzeeb better represented than in its food, redolent with the tastes of Turkey, Persia and Afghanistan and infused with the flavours of Sindhi, Parsi, Punjabi, Nawabi, Mughlai and British food. When Sunita Kohli’s parents, Chand and Inder Prakash Sur, first settled in Lucknow after having to leave Lahore following partition, they brought with them only the memories of home. In the Lucknow cookbook Sunita Kohli and Chand sur bring together the taste and smells of home in these 150 well-loved dishes from their kitchens and from the kitchens of family and friends. These delectable kebabs and soups, biryanis, pulao's and raitas, mutton, chicken and fish dishes, paranthas and rotis, vegetables, sweets and puddings, cocktail snacks, chutneys and pickles are a taste of the fabled Lucknowi tradition of hospitality. A celebration of the Tehzeeb of Lucknow as well as its nazaakat (elegance) the book is also a portrait of the city and its storied history.

The Shadow of Darkness by Priyanka Baranwal | Book Review


When Maya fought two criminals one night and saved herself and her five year old daughter, Sejal, she thought the worst was over. But was it really? Or, there could be something worse than the worst? The childhood trauma that little Sejal did not deserve resulted in nightmares, trust issues and bizarre habits. Even after thirteen long years, the night continues to haunt and debilitate her senses with its magnificence, and as if it wasn't enough, an encounter with the remains of past slips her deep into a treacherous darkness.

Sejal has a loving family, a comfortable life yet disappointment is the only thing now echoing inside her. Will its shadow ever leave her side? Then we see a shining light in the dark brooding sky - Kartik. Is he the answer to her quest of peace? Will Sejal be able to find love, strong enough to fight all odds and bring her out from the darkness? Will the light of hope win over its foes?

The Shadow of Darkness holds answer to every question

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Her Master Key by Shruti Johri | Book Review


She uncovers incredible and amusing stories from luxury hotels in India. She captures extraordinary episodes of infidelity, bigotry and brings to light the absurdity of travellers. She highlights the struggles of white-collared, blue-collared and non-collared staff to break the stereotypes around hotel professionals. While much has been written and read about star hotels in the West, the tales from India remain untold.It’s time we read these stories!

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Hell! No Saints in Paradise by A.K. Asif | Book Review


2050, New York. In the aftermath of a gruelling spiritual cleansing quest, Ismael, a Pakistani-American student, enters into an alliance with spiritual beings who send him on a perilous journey of self-discovery. A non-believer, Ismael must return to Pakistan, now in the grip of a brutal fundamentalist government, and gain the trust of his estranged father, a prominent extremist in the Caliphate. To accomplish this, he must pose as a true believer. Will he survive long enough to infiltrate his father's inner sanctum and complete his mission? Hell! No Saints in Paradise is both biting satire and allegory that takes urban fantasy to dizzying heights.

The Legend of Kuldhara: A Historical Novel Set in Rajasthan by Malathi Ramachandran | Book Review


Kuldhara, a village in the Rajasthan desert, perched at the edge of time. Abandoned, cursed, nearly two hundred years ago, to remain a heap of rubble and stone. It lies dreaming of its vibrant past when the streets echoed with laughter and the fields swayed green and gold. What happened one night that drove its inhabitants from their homes, never to return? Did they flee to preserve their honour, when the covetous gaze of a local lord fell on Pari, the headman’s daughter? Where did they go? How did they survive?

Pawan: The Flying Accountant by Sorabh Pant | Book Review


Arjun Singh is an accountant by day and a demigod by night. But he’d rather care about GST than his superpowers—even less so about life himself.
Arjun is about to be murdered by goons and he couldn’t be happier. He’s spent his life waiting for death. Unfortunately, things do not go as per plan. Much to Arjun’s chagrin, he manages to live. But things get a lot worse than a failed death.
Arjun is an accountant but behind this façade he’s protecting his identity as an almost indestructible species of humanoids, a power that Arjun would gladly exchange for a bushel of bananas and a vat of rum. And now some people know exactly what Arjun is capable of.
He’s forced to work for an alcohol baron’s unofficial army, assassinate terrorists and fall into life-or-death battles with a Chinese dragon. What is even worse is that they’ve not cleared his taxes yet.
Combining dark humour with a whirlwind plot—Pawan is a story of a reluctant superhero, the futility of war and a whole lot of rum.

Marketing by Adit Chouhan | Book Review


No management school prepares a budding marketing professional for the real world. Most business courses end up offering only theoretical knowledge on marketing. Filling in this crucial gap, this book offers practical tips on marketing strategy, planning and execution. It is a quick guide to the hands-on approach of marketing as opposed to the hundreds of theoretical books available on the subject.
This book is a step-by-step guide on planning and executing TVC, prints, OOH, radio, BTL and digital campaigns as a marketer and more. How do you manage your bills? What do you as a marketer understand by negotiation? How should you manage internal communications? What is social/business networking and how can this be managed? Find answers to all these questions and more, explained in this book in the most pragmatic manner.
Marketing: Tricks of the Trade They Won’t Teach You at B-Schools! is a must-have for any management student, marketing professional or entrepreneur who wants to be a notch above her/his peers. Sharpen your marketing acumen, know the trade secrets and get it right every time!

Feast: With a Taste of Amir Khusro by Bisma Tirmizi | Book Review


‘Stories and food remain the same, only faces change and those too only vaguely. The same faces keep coming back every few generations to eat the same food and live out the same stories.’
Ayesha realizes that her relationship with food has made her obese and this realization takes her on a journey of self-discovery where she learns to fall in love with food not through gluttony, but by understanding its sensuous journey and evolution. In her life, feast runs parallel to the tales of people and sometimes becomes the cerebral voice relating its journey over time and regions, telling stories of the people to whom it provides nourishment and nurturing.
Travelling in time, Ayesha and Feast present scenarios of hospitality, generosity and warmth of the people of the subcontinent; through seasons, traditions and celebrations. Soon Ayesha comes to appreciate how food brings with it interesting stories, tying various emotions together—celebratory, jubilant, sorrowful and the ordinary. The history of regional cuisine, the multitude of tastes and flavours and the passions they evoke, have a deep impact on Ayesha. She eventually comes to understand that her primary relationship is with food and until that is not healthy, nothing else will be.
Away from Ayesha’s voice, Tirmizi’s account is often omniscient, telling tales of a different time, stepping into another past and then jumping to the present, voicing the evolution of food and its impact on Ayesha and the relationships she has with others.
Additionally, mouth-watering recipes of traditional dishes from the subcontinent make for a delightful read. In Tirmizi’s deft hands, Feast is as a feast should be: endearing and unputdownable.

Curried Cultures: Indian Food in the Age of Globalization by Krishnendu Ray and Tulasi Srinivas | Book Review


Indian food is one of the world’s most popular cuisines. Even as it has transformed the contemporary urban foodscape in this age of globalization, social scientists have paid scant attention to the phenomenon. The essays in this book explore the relationship between globalization and South Asia through food. Udupi restaurants, Indian food in colonial times, dum pukht cuisine, staples of the prepared food industry like Bangalore’s MTR Foods, Britain’s curry culture, Indian fast food in California—these and other distinctive aspects of South Asia’s food and culture are examined to gain new insights into subcontinental food and the ways in which it has influenced the world around us.

Super Foods for Awesome Memory by Shipra Khanna


We are what we eat and so our memory is linked to food. The helplessness that overwhelms us when one forgets a name can be embarrassing. In this age of instant googling, this is just the start of the ebbing process where memory is gradually relegated to a shrinking space in our brains. Enter Master Chef India shipra Khanna who tells you about the fish that helps you meditate or a walnut that prevents you from going nuts. This amazing book of recipes brings to us on a platter the food that helps us in strengthening our mind and memory. And this food is to be found not in some exotic location but in our own kitchen. Try her recipes and see for yourself how you can fight the complacency and sloth that come in the way of your exercise and positive action, thereby making for a better life. From chicken recipes that keep ageing away to recipes made with coconut oil that help fight memory loss, super foods for awesome memory is the book you will never forget.


Friday, 9 February 2018

The Inheritors by Sonu Bhasin | Book Review


Why did Harsh Mariwala leave his family business?
What made the entire Dabur management to quit one day?
How did Dhingra brothers turn a suffering business in to India’s second largest paints company?
This is a fascinating behind the scenes look into what goes behind brands like Marico, Dabar, Keventers, Berger Paints, Select Group, Max Group and many others. The book focuses on the culture, family politics, business rivalries between and within families, ego battles and a lot more. Plus there are the inheritors themselves who sometimes take the business to great heights and during others, lead to its doom.

I Tagged Her in My Heart by Anuj Tiwari | Book Review 


Things get broken. We repair them. They get a new shape. Perhaps a new identity. This applies to love as well. Because, you are yours before you are someone else’s. But what happens when we fall or fail in love?After two heartbreaks, Adrika, a fiercely independent career-girl, changes her hashtag on Instagram to #HappyGoLucky and dreams become her priority. Arjun, workaholic and socially inept, struggles with his weakness for Dimpy Aunty’s daughter Anushka and his hesitation in sharing heartaches and emotional baggage. Into this mess, steps in Dimpy Aunty, an unlikely saviour, with all her quirks and jauntiness, steering them through rough patches in unlikely ways as only she can.Insightful, bold and witty, I Tagged Her in My Heart is based on a true story that will inspire many to look at the sunny side of life when faced with darkness.